Where There’s A Wil – First Blog Post!

Aye! This your girl, Wil, and I finally got this site up and running! For my first post, I just really want to say welcome and thanks for those always pushing, praying, and persistent with my hard-headed self. In this world saturated with “creatives” and “influencers”, I continued to ask myself, ‘What in the world would people need with another blog?’ At the end of the day, this isn’t just a blog buddy. It’s about helping others as I help, learn, and grow myself. You can’t ever have enough help, OK? (In my Tiffany Haddish voice) The site will continue to change, as I continue to change. For now, you will find posts about counseling, fashion, art, and me. I encourage you to take this journey with me. You ready? Let’s go!

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A millennial woman using her interests in counseling and design to impact one person at a time.

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