It’s My B-DAY!

Go shawty, it’s your birthday! That’s right, today is my 31st birthday!  In celebration of my 31st birthday, I’ll let you in on 31 facts about me


(1) I was born in May and have two sisters and a stepbrother (2) You’ll won’t really hear me call him that though*. (3) I am the oldest child of my mom and biological dad…and yes, my nickname has been “Dada” since I was young. People have made up more over the years. (4) I grew up in a Christ-centered home, but make no mistake, I learned to know God for myself and even with the questions I continue to have, I am comfortable in the faith I have chosen. (5) I used to be ashamed as a child about where my family comes from but as time progressed, I find being Haitian-American poppin’! From the food to the music, to the culture, I truly appreciate it all now.  (6) I find Haitian food delish, even though if done right, must take forever to make. My favorite food is called Militon (Chayote in English) and (7) my favorite music is Konpa. (8) With a line of tall men and women in my family, I am no exception. I have been standing 5”9’-5”10’ since I was 12! (9) Where the majority of guys in my family wanted me to be a ballplayer and the females wanted me to be a model, I deadass wanted to be a rapper and a nurse. (10) However, in high school, instead of taking the Allied Health route, I took cosmetology and also received my cosmetology license with my diploma upon graduation. (11) I remember my first friend that I met in high school, outside of a church setting or connections from church friends, Diondra, we are still friends till today. (12) We took our first sewing classes together in 10th grade and that’s where my fashion career started. (13) I finished my senior year with a new pixie cut and a dress I made for $20! I thought I was fresh and no one could tell me different! (14) Growing up, my favorite color was always and only purple because can something truly be a favorite if there are multiple ones?  But eventually, I grew to love black and forest green; so now I have 3 preferred colors. (15) If you know me, I was super quiet to many people growing up, now, I can’t get myself to shut up sometimes. (16) Whether it’s to give advice or crack jokes, my mouth loves to move… (17) I seriously am my own comedian! (18) After high school, I attended Felician College – now Felician University, where I thought I was going to major in Nursing or Biology. When it was all over, I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology. (19) During those years, I continued to meet awesome friends, who have only turned into sisters and brothers: Belinda, Amanda, Jeana, Krystal, and Fatir, amongst other good people. (20) I even had the nerve to return to now Felician University and received my Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. (21) So now with 2 Psychology degrees, a cosmetology license, and some experience under my belt, I feel prepared to help others in the capacity only that I can, whether it be for a fee or for free. Just like some others, I questioned myself and continue to question myself when the dough isn’t rolling in like I expected to in my head, if I made the right decision picking majors, life decisions, etc. but at the end of it all, a small part of me is reminded that someone, if not all, needs me and that constellation is all I need to proceed forward in doing what I really love. (22) I used to run away from God and try to expand Him as being the “Universe” and all that mess, but honestly, I’m so firm in my thoughts that if nothing I do glorifies the God I serve, I want no parts, you heard? (23) This does not mean I love my friends any less or can’t relate but this thug is overspending countless days in being fearful of her belief system and just wants to do the best she can while she is still breathing.

Below, you can find some other interesting things about me:

(24) I have 5 godchildren (at least for now)!

(25)I hope to write a book one day.

(27) I have yet to be outside of the US!

(29) My happy places – Pinterest, my room, and coffee shops

(30) Despite not having a need for them, I got braces, 2x!

(31) I want to learn to play the guitar and speak Spanish and Hindi.

I hope you got to enjoy reading a little more about me today. I plan on opening up a tad more as the blog progresses. Happy birthday to me and God bless you all! XO

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A millennial woman using her interests in counseling and design to impact one person at a time.

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