Wil, What on Earth Do You Do?

Hey! Hey!

So, as I mentioned in my birthday post, 31 Things About Me, you’ll read that I got into Psychology and I have a cosmetology license.  Those who know me personally, know that I dip and dab into other things as well. Getting into so many activities leaves me off the social radar and a busybody. But why am I doing all these things? Didn’t my mom come to America for me to be a nurse or doctor? (insert laugh here)

WHERE I GET MY OFFICIAL COINS. To answer your burning question, I am currently working in the school system as a Youth Development Specialist. I assist pre-teens and teens in counseling and provide services that are both academic and social to keep them well rounded. In my mental health experience, I have worked in nursing homes and hospitals with adults but after interning with children once, I knew I wanted to also to add children to the roster. As of lately, I have encountered many wonderful programs working on empowering girls and women. I love how there are programs catered to them but I tend to feel that young males get neglected; healing and encouragement for them should start just as early as other genders. My overall goal is to receive my counseling license (Testing in November!) and ultimately become a family therapist. Becoming a family therapist would allow me to work with all genders and age groups.

MY SIDE HUSTLES. Besides earning my cosmetology license back in my high school days, I also picked up art and sewing…but I can definitely sew better than I can draw! I have. I took a break from fashion and beauty while I was pursuing my Master’s degree but now I think I’m back and ready to work again.

THAT’S NOT ALL. I VOLUNTEER. If my life was not busy enough working a full-time job, working on my side hustles, and educating myself so I can create better content for the blog, I also volunteer. Aside from church and the school I work at, I periodically volunteer at an old place of employment, a nursing home. Working and volunteering at the nursing home aided me building great relationships with a particular group of women that now are working on officiating their non-profit organization. While we wait, we are praying together, helping one another, and going out in the community to do what we can. For me, it sucks when I don’t have a sandwich or dollar chillin’ in my car to hand out when I see homeless people in the streets and I don’t have the interest of disciplining myself to do alone; hence teaming up with people who already have something in place.

All in all, I know people who I would consider “masters” in their field of work who always believe they have a lot more to learn. I am Jane of a few trades and master of none; this is a position I am comfortable being in for now. And yes, I do need to learn how to relax and take a break. Learning and working is fun to me and I find joy in knowing that I help others with what’s in my head (knowledge), my hands (fashion and beauty), and my heart. I encourage you to go after what you want, positive avenues of course! The time will pass anyway and sometimes you won’t really know whether or not you want to do something until you try. So go on and be the best person you can be on this Earth!

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A millennial woman using her interests in counseling and design to impact one person at a time.

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