The Writer

“Design, because I want to help people with my hands. Therapy, because I want to help people with my words.” —Wilanda Nicolas

Wilanda Nicolas, better known as “Wil”, is an example of who some of the world’s morphing into, an individual with strong interest in distinctive vocations: the world of therapy and counseling, as well as creative arts.

Wil knew her niche would involve helping people; little did she know that she would be helping others in a different capacity.  High school began her interest in beauty and fashion, taking sewing classes beginning sophomore year.  By graduation, she had taken a few more sewing classes, art classes, and had become a licensed cosmetologist.

Wil holds a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Felician University (formerly Felician College). Between college semesters, Wil interned for United Colors of Fashion (UCOF), where she gained knowledge on the business of fashion and volunteered at numerous fashion weeks.

With these two passions pouncing at her heart, Wil created a blog in 2018, Where There’s a Wil, to make invaluable, relevant, and creative content related to counseling and design accessible to most. For the love of her community, she also volunteers her time by hosting speaking engagements about Mental Health and styling clients during special events, such as “Spa Day”, at her church.

” I hope with these passions always tugging at my heartstrings, that I will always use them to glorify God and change the ways people live life, one outfit, one art piece, or one word at a time!” –Wilanda Nicolas